In my town in sweden you can only go to prom once. And that is when you graduate.

My oldest brothers fiance did my hair in the morning at the same time as I was doing my makeup. I got on my dress and then Filip came in a nice car and picked me up to go and get some photos. After that we arrived in a park where we stood in line with the car to get out. A lot of people watching. I was nervous for falling because I had really high heels.We got out of the car and then we just walked around in the park talking to people and our friends. At 7 pm we started going in to the place where the actual party was going to be. Every couple was called up to go in. Once again our school was first but Filip and I was almost last from our class because we were called up in alphabetic order.

We then had a nice dinner and then had a traditional dance. After that a cover band played and we just danced and had a really nice time. Around 1 am we went away to a hill with a really nice view where you traditionally have a picnik until the sun rise. Once again, Sweden is a cold country so Filip and I only stayed until around 2-3 in the morning and then walked home together. It was a perfect night.


Filip arriving in the car.


Not a swedish tradition at all but I like america and that is something Filips mom knows so she fixed it.DSC_0668DSC_0681DSC_0682DSC_0707DSC_0715DSC_0720DSC_0759


Class of 2016

I graduated! In sweden every city and school has their own graduation traditions. My school is called Hudikgymnasiet and it’s a private school. There is also one public high school in my town. In my school we were only about 30 graduates so our school bought us our traditional graduation caps and also invited us to champagne breakfast. The public school has to pay for their own caps and arrange their own champagne breakfast if they want one. So I really like my school. Did I tell you it’s free, even though it’s private?

It all started on wednesday the 8th of June when our school invited us for a really nice dinner. The teachers held speeches for every student and some students also held speeches. On friday which was the actual graduation day we started the day with champagne breakfast at our school. After that we took some photos of the whole class and then all of our parents came because it was time for our ceremony. Our teachers sang some traditional graduation songs with us and then it was time to get our grades. High honors or honors is nothing you can tell if someone had here there are not many that actually has straight A’s here. It’s really hard due to our grading system.

After the ceremony we all got ready to walk through our town in a parade like thing. We call it the ”graduation train”. All graduates including the ones from the public high school walk together with their white hats on and carrying a sign with a picture on, usually from when they were a toddler or even younger. During the whole walk there are thousands of people standing by the road to watch us and to hang flowers or toys around our necks. I can tell you it was heavy. We arrive at the towns biggest park and everyone who didn’t have a chance to hang a flower around their graduates neck now have the chance to do it if they are able to find each other.

After arriving in the park most of us ride in a nice car around the city center. After that we all go home to have our graduation party for all relatives and friends. We had lots of food and cakes. When the party was over I had some friends over what we call a pre party and then some went to the towns night club but I don’t really like that place so Filip and I and some more friends went to a bar instead and then we went home, not too late because the day after was prom. I will talk about prom in my next post.DSC_0503My outfit for the graduation dinner on the wednesday. I bought the dress at a vintage shop. It’s a dress from the sixties and I just love it!!


On the thursday two of my best friends graduated and this is what I wore that day. DSC_0525

Finally graduation. This is me picking up my ”diploma”.DSC_0538

One last group photo….DSC_0543

Filip and I. This dress is also vintage from the sixties! LOVE it!DSC_0546

Me and my diploma. Observe my shoes. You need comfy shoes when you’re gonna walk through the city.DSC_0548

So sweden is a cold and rainy country. Of course it rained on our graduation day and it was so cold!! So I decided to switch from my vintage dress to this traditional folkdrakt. A lot warmer!DSC_0561

My class walking first after the marching band.DSC_0569

Me, Filips mom and Filip. Our school had a tent at the park. Guess if the other school was jealous….DSC_0584

This is almost everyone in the arranging class that I was going into. Thats why it says A13 on our signs. 13 stands for the year we started and A for what we were going into. For example Filip was going into music so his class was M13 and my cousin took economy so his said EK13.


Mom, Me and my dad.DSC_0618

And at last, me opening my graduation gifts at the party.

Hälsingehambon 2015

Last weekend Hälsingehambon celebrated 50 years so I brought my boyfriend Filip to Järvsö where my aunt and uncle lives. We dressed up in traditional folkdräkt. There are several types of folkdräkts because every village has their own design. Mine is from Rogsta which is the ward I belonged to when I grew up. Filip borrowed one of my uncle´s folkdräkts from Järvsö.

Hälsingehambon is a dance competition and if you want to see how it works you can click THIS link to see a clip from youtube. Filip and I did not dance. Maybe next year if we learn how to dance first! haha ; )

DSC_0016 DSC_0031 DSC_0041 DSC_0044 DSC_0049

Lucia – English post

It’s around christmas time and I love to show all of our beautiful swedish traditions to you and as you have seen this far there is a lot going on around this time. The last thing we had is this thing we call Lucia. Lucia is always on December 13th which was yesterday. Personally I thing this is the most beautiful thing we have. It is so cosy and you get so many christmas feelings. Lucia is actually a catholic saint who is called Saint Lucy in English. She came form Sicily in Italy. It is said that if we celebrate Lucia it will help us live the short winter days we have up here in Scandinavia. (Here in Hudiksvall the sun rise about 9AM and set around 2.30PM. Up north it doesn’t even rise during the darkest days)

So what is the celebration about? I will tell you so here we go. There is a procession of people, mostly children and teenagers. They are all wearing white gowns. The first person is almost all the time a girl (until now when people want more equality and say it is wrong to say no to a boy who wants to be lucia) but I have never seen a boy been lucia so let’s just leave that here. The first person is a girl and she is the Lucia. Lucia is wearing a crown with candles on. Behind Lucia her maids come. In Swedish they are called ”tärna”. Behind the maids comes the boys. But usually there are almost no boys in the procession anymore. They think it is a little embarrasing so they are only watching. But if they join (which they do in elementary usually) they are called star boys (littterally, that’s the translation and I couldn’t find anything better than that) And last there may be some kids dressed up as ginger bread or santa clauses. Here’s some pictures from the lucia procession I attended. So we are basically just staning in front if the room, singing.lucia 2 lucia_1

Christmas market in Hudiksvall- English post

Christmas is around the corner! Here in sweden we are counting down the last four weeks. We have a chandelier with four candles and we lit one more for every sunday so the fourth sunday has four burning candles and is also the closest sunday to christmas.

Here in Hudiksvall where I live we have a christmas market every year on the first candle day which we call ”första advent” which menas ”first advent” so the actual holiday/celebration is called advent and I don’t think there’s a translation for that… I don’t know if you already figured but today was first advent and so the christmas market. I went there with my lovely boyfriend and some others friends just to end the day with my friend Julia watching The Hunger Games Mockingjay at the cinema. It was great.

I brought my camera today so here’s some of the moments I captured.

DSC_0532Here is our towns marked place. I think it is so beautiful with the old fishing buildings. Just behind them is the channel that goes to the ocean about 100 meters away from this picture. If you go up in this picture you will come to our two shopping malls! Also don’t miss out that phone box. It’s green in the middle of the picture. (I don’t think it works though, it’s only there because it’s pretty)

DSC_0529In this picture I just turned east so a little bit more to the left of the picture you could see a glimpse of the ocean.



The big christmas tree that is going to stay there until January. You can also see the moon. And I also need to tell you that the pictures is showing the reality a little bit more bright. It’s actually almost pitch black and it’s not even 4PM.

DSC_0530Some of my friends.

DSC_0526We bought apples dipped in home meade toffee. It was so good!

DSC_0527My amazing boyfriend Filip and our apple.






First Halloween party

DSC_0394My friends Alex and Maja.DSC_0398

My friend OscarDSC_0400

My halloween costume that I made all by myselfDSC_0402


My zombie boyfriend Filip and IDSC_0411

Everyone that came to the party.

I decided to do this post in english since it was a while ago. This weekend we also celebrated halloween even though it’s a lot bigger deal in America. My friend invited me and some of our friends to a party at her house. It was a blast and I had a lot of fun! Hope to do it again next year.

Halloween last year was the day that it was decided that I was going to go home to Sweden again which means that next week it’s a year ago since I came home. Hope you are all doing fine. Miss you.


The Fat Tuesday

Hey!! It was a while ago since I last wrote a post in English so I thought today would be the perfect day to do it! We have our first brake this semester that we call ”sports break” I have no idea why it’s called that because I don’t do any special sports at this break.. It’s already week 10 of this year and in my part ot Sweden we always have the sports break week 10. Easter is a little bit late this year but someone who is waiting for something good can’t wait to long. In easter we have another week (week 17) and a day of break, called ”easter break” and that’s basically the last break we have before summer. Of course we also have first of may, a free day, kind of like the American ”labor day” which also happens to be my birthday. That means, I have never been in school on my actual birthday. And we also have June 6th, Sweden’s national day. (We don’t get out of school until june 13th)

However, I was going to write about a special day that we kind of celebrate here in Sweden. It is kind of funny, and from what I experienced in the four months I spent in Utah you guys don’t have any special days like this. It’s a day when we honor a special kind of bun, yes you read that right, a day to honor a bun. I think it also has to do with the Swedish obsession with taking a fika. So this day is basically just another good reason to go and have a fika. A fika is a word that is not able to translate, but when we’re having a fika we eat like a dessert and drink something to it. Like coffee and cake. Sometimes we also call breakfast for fika, eating a sandwich and drinking some juice. Anyways, this day has a special name and it is: ”the Fat tuesday”. Something that also is funny is how it’s spelled in swedish: ”fettisdagen” which also can be pronounced just like ”the fat day” since the swedish language doesn’t seperate the words as often as the English language.

So I was also going to explain to you what this kind of bun is. It’s called a ”Semla” (one semla, two semlor) and it’s simple. Bred, whipped cream and almond paste. I actually found a recipe in English if you would like to try and make some of them, or if you’re just curious how we make them. (I think most of the Swedes buy them now though.) Klick HERE to find the recipe. Personally I don’t like them at all and I haven’t even eaten one today, though I kind of regret not eating one. I don’t like it but it’s a tradition to eat one every year. I usually just eat the ”lid” and some of the bread, it’s always way to much whipped cream and I hate the almond paste.

Enjoy your fat tuesday!!



This is what a semla looks like. You cut the lid of, carv some of the bread out, put some of the almond paste in it, put whipped cream on and put the lid on top of everything. The white powder on top is powdered sugar.


Wanna know more about Sweden? I have explained two more traditions that you can read if you klick HERE.