In my town in sweden you can only go to prom once. And that is when you graduate.

My oldest brothers fiance did my hair in the morning at the same time as I was doing my makeup. I got on my dress and then Filip came in a nice car and picked me up to go and get some photos. After that we arrived in a park where we stood in line with the car to get out. A lot of people watching. I was nervous for falling because I had really high heels.We got out of the car and then we just walked around in the park talking to people and our friends. At 7 pm we started going in to the place where the actual party was going to be. Every couple was called up to go in. Once again our school was first but Filip and I was almost last from our class because we were called up in alphabetic order.

We then had a nice dinner and then had a traditional dance. After that a cover band played and we just danced and had a really nice time. Around 1 am we went away to a hill with a really nice view where you traditionally have a picnik until the sun rise. Once again, Sweden is a cold country so Filip and I only stayed until around 2-3 in the morning and then walked home together. It was a perfect night.


Filip arriving in the car.


Not a swedish tradition at all but I like america and that is something Filips mom knows so she fixed it.DSC_0668DSC_0681DSC_0682DSC_0707DSC_0715DSC_0720DSC_0759



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