Class of 2016

I graduated! In sweden every city and school has their own graduation traditions. My school is called Hudikgymnasiet and it’s a private school. There is also one public high school in my town. In my school we were only about 30 graduates so our school bought us our traditional graduation caps and also invited us to champagne breakfast. The public school has to pay for their own caps and arrange their own champagne breakfast if they want one. So I really like my school. Did I tell you it’s free, even though it’s private?

It all started on wednesday the 8th of June when our school invited us for a really nice dinner. The teachers held speeches for every student and some students also held speeches. On friday which was the actual graduation day we started the day with champagne breakfast at our school. After that we took some photos of the whole class and then all of our parents came because it was time for our ceremony. Our teachers sang some traditional graduation songs with us and then it was time to get our grades. High honors or honors is nothing you can tell if someone had here there are not many that actually has straight A’s here. It’s really hard due to our grading system.

After the ceremony we all got ready to walk through our town in a parade like thing. We call it the ”graduation train”. All graduates including the ones from the public high school walk together with their white hats on and carrying a sign with a picture on, usually from when they were a toddler or even younger. During the whole walk there are thousands of people standing by the road to watch us and to hang flowers or toys around our necks. I can tell you it was heavy. We arrive at the towns biggest park and everyone who didn’t have a chance to hang a flower around their graduates neck now have the chance to do it if they are able to find each other.

After arriving in the park most of us ride in a nice car around the city center. After that we all go home to have our graduation party for all relatives and friends. We had lots of food and cakes. When the party was over I had some friends over what we call a pre party and then some went to the towns night club but I don’t really like that place so Filip and I and some more friends went to a bar instead and then we went home, not too late because the day after was prom. I will talk about prom in my next post.DSC_0503My outfit for the graduation dinner on the wednesday. I bought the dress at a vintage shop. It’s a dress from the sixties and I just love it!!


On the thursday two of my best friends graduated and this is what I wore that day. DSC_0525

Finally graduation. This is me picking up my ”diploma”.DSC_0538

One last group photo….DSC_0543

Filip and I. This dress is also vintage from the sixties! LOVE it!DSC_0546

Me and my diploma. Observe my shoes. You need comfy shoes when you’re gonna walk through the city.DSC_0548

So sweden is a cold and rainy country. Of course it rained on our graduation day and it was so cold!! So I decided to switch from my vintage dress to this traditional folkdrakt. A lot warmer!DSC_0561

My class walking first after the marching band.DSC_0569

Me, Filips mom and Filip. Our school had a tent at the park. Guess if the other school was jealous….DSC_0584

This is almost everyone in the arranging class that I was going into. Thats why it says A13 on our signs. 13 stands for the year we started and A for what we were going into. For example Filip was going into music so his class was M13 and my cousin took economy so his said EK13.


Mom, Me and my dad.DSC_0618

And at last, me opening my graduation gifts at the party.



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