Lucia – English post

It’s around christmas time and I love to show all of our beautiful swedish traditions to you and as you have seen this far there is a lot going on around this time. The last thing we had is this thing we call Lucia. Lucia is always on December 13th which was yesterday. Personally I thing this is the most beautiful thing we have. It is so cosy and you get so many christmas feelings. Lucia is actually a catholic saint who is called Saint Lucy in English. She came form Sicily in Italy. It is said that if we celebrate Lucia it will help us live the short winter days we have up here in Scandinavia. (Here in Hudiksvall the sun rise about 9AM and set around 2.30PM. Up north it doesn’t even rise during the darkest days)

So what is the celebration about? I will tell you so here we go. There is a procession of people, mostly children and teenagers. They are all wearing white gowns. The first person is almost all the time a girl (until now when people want more equality and say it is wrong to say no to a boy who wants to be lucia) but I have never seen a boy been lucia so let’s just leave that here. The first person is a girl and she is the Lucia. Lucia is wearing a crown with candles on. Behind Lucia her maids come. In Swedish they are called ”tärna”. Behind the maids comes the boys. But usually there are almost no boys in the procession anymore. They think it is a little embarrasing so they are only watching. But if they join (which they do in elementary usually) they are called star boys (littterally, that’s the translation and I couldn’t find anything better than that) And last there may be some kids dressed up as ginger bread or santa clauses. Here’s some pictures from the lucia procession I attended. So we are basically just staning in front if the room, singing.lucia 2 lucia_1



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