Christmas market in Hudiksvall- English post

Christmas is around the corner! Here in sweden we are counting down the last four weeks. We have a chandelier with four candles and we lit one more for every sunday so the fourth sunday has four burning candles and is also the closest sunday to christmas.

Here in Hudiksvall where I live we have a christmas market every year on the first candle day which we call ”första advent” which menas ”first advent” so the actual holiday/celebration is called advent and I don’t think there’s a translation for that… I don’t know if you already figured but today was first advent and so the christmas market. I went there with my lovely boyfriend and some others friends just to end the day with my friend Julia watching The Hunger Games Mockingjay at the cinema. It was great.

I brought my camera today so here’s some of the moments I captured.

DSC_0532Here is our towns marked place. I think it is so beautiful with the old fishing buildings. Just behind them is the channel that goes to the ocean about 100 meters away from this picture. If you go up in this picture you will come to our two shopping malls! Also don’t miss out that phone box. It’s green in the middle of the picture. (I don’t think it works though, it’s only there because it’s pretty)

DSC_0529In this picture I just turned east so a little bit more to the left of the picture you could see a glimpse of the ocean.



The big christmas tree that is going to stay there until January. You can also see the moon. And I also need to tell you that the pictures is showing the reality a little bit more bright. It’s actually almost pitch black and it’s not even 4PM.

DSC_0530Some of my friends.

DSC_0526We bought apples dipped in home meade toffee. It was so good!

DSC_0527My amazing boyfriend Filip and our apple.







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